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Thus, apart from some fantastic dancing, viewers will also be hooked by exciting emotional drama every week. The lucky winners who get the maximum amount of votes from viewers and judges will win a no expense spared dream wedding.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jodi No. 7 - Manit Joura & Manika Dhanda

Jodi No. 7 - Manit Joura & Manika Dhanda

Both Manit and Manika are Hindus (she is a hardcore Punjabi). Maanika's a model and Manit is studying for his MBA. His father's a diamond merchant in Delhi. The met in a Mumbai-Delhi flight where she approached him and they talked all through the flight.

They bumped into each other a couple of time after that before becoming friends and eventually started dating.
Though they've only been seeing each other for less than a year, the story of his proposal is interesting...he proposed to her at the race course (she was there for a modeling assignment) complete with ring, chocolates and going down on his knees. Manika seems to be a bit obsessed with him. She's also very physical and affectionate with him. They both are actors – They met each other on a flight to Delhi.

She could not keep her bag and asked Manit to help her with her luggage. She kept talking to him through out the journey. Manit did not speak much. Once they landed in Delhi they both went off in their directions. When Manit was in Delhi he decided to go for a film with couple of his friends. In one of the restaurants, he spotted Maanika with her friend. So he walked towards the restaurant to check if it was her, the moment she saw Manit she ran towards him and hugged him and asked him were had he disappeared. They then saw the film together and exchanged their numbers. They started talking to each other on the phone.

They both applied for Gladrags and soon maanika told manit that she got a call and that she has cleared the first round at gladrags model hunt competition. On her first day at the competetion she was very nervous and was sitting very quietly, when she saw manit walking towards her with a bunch of red rose and a box of clothes and proposed to her she was overjoyed and accepted the proposal. Manit had also hidden the fact that he too had got through Gladdrags as he wanted to surprise her.

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Uttiran said...

Waahhh what a couple u r ...when u dance(Manit,it seems u r not dancing..seems u r hvng itching in ur body.......so if u wannna win the hearts of viewers so dance well also their is no chemistry betwwen u and mainka.....i think u r fake couples......every viewer is saying these words.....bcz not a single time we saw u both together while we watch the show except only in dressing room then only u both seems together........so keep up ur performance.......take care

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